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Marmel Beauty Academy’s Esthetician program is a combination of beauty and health and is intended to help students obtain hands- on training and knowledge with the guidance of highly qualified professional instructors. Students learn the full scope of the most recent facial equipment for precise analysis and skin care treatments; as well as, rules and regulations, anatomy, facials, waxing, makeup, and more.


Marmel Beauty Academy is approved by the Bureau of Private Post-Secondary Education and licensed by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.


● The minimum combined total clock hours of 600, include the technical instruction phase and opportunity for the student to acquire the necessary skills through practical applications developed under the supervision of the school instructors.
● Technical instruction means instruction by demonstration, lecture, classroom participation, studying textbooks and related material, the writing of outlines, classroom use of audio and visual film, tapes, slides and examination.
● Practical Operations means the actual performance by the student of complete services on another person or a mannequin.

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