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Natural Beauty


Marmel Beauty Academy’s Crossover program is intended to provide licensed professionals additional training, skills, and techniques. For example, a licensed cosmetologist would only need additional 200 hours in shaving to become eligible for the barber examination. Similarly, a licensed barber would only need additional 300 hours to be eligible for the cosmetology examination. The Crossover program is the perfect way to enhance success in the beauty world, while gaining hands- on and real- life experience while earning credits for the state board license, whether it is long term or short term.


Marmel Beauty Academy is approved by the Bureau of Private Post-Secondary Education and licensed by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology.


This program covers all aspects of cosmetology, skin care, manicuring and
pedicuring. Business and Professions Code (B&P) Section 7362.5
Successful completion of this State Program Examination and licensure,
will allow the cosmetologist to perform all skills as a Hairstylist, Chemical
Applications, Skin Care, Manicuring and Pedicuring Services.

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Are you interested in our cosmetology courses? Contact us today to sign up!

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